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The Waterfront Village

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The historic waterfront village of La Conner, Washington is Skagit county’s oldest community and has been voted the most perfect Washington state getaway destination and not only is it beautiful, but the community is full of genuinely warm and friendly people. La Conner is known for it’s cultural attractions including three museums & outdoor sculpture exhibits, locally owned boutiques & galleries, and gorgeous mountains, farms, rivers, islands and the North Puget Sound.

Besides taking in all the culture of La Conner, there are plenty of activities all year round to participate in, like the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in April, the annual Halloween parade in October, attending the Arts Alive! event in November, the holiday boat parade in December, or the Classic Boat and Car Show in August. There are also plenty of restaurants and shopping opportunities for such a small village. The local restaurants serve the fresh and local ingredients, from seafood to produce to organic meats, cheeses and breads. Whether you’re looking for a hearty breakfast, a delicious pastry and latte, lunch for the family or a romantic dinner for two, you’ll find wonderful options in La Conner.

If you enjoy shopping, you’ll find fine arts and crafts, one-of-a-kind clothing, woodworking, home décor, collectables, personal care products, stunning antiques, gorgeous jewelry and pottery, the local shops have items that you cannot find in any mall.

For the boaters, the La Conner Marina is a great destination. Located within easy walking distance of charming downtown La Conner, the marina is a clean, service-oriented facility that tourists and La Conner residents alike enjoy visiting. It’s also an easy two-hour cruise from the marina into the heart of the beautiful San Juan Islands.


Quick Facts

  • La Conner Population: 927 residents
  • Median Family income: $52,083.
  • Average Home Price: $245,792

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The La Conner School District

Where Great Minds Come to Learn!

La Conner Pre-school

“We recognize that each child grows and develops at different rates, and their interests will vary. The following describes the areas of focus in the classroom:

  • Language Development: Listening, understanding, speaking and communicating.
  • Literacy: Phonological awareness (the sounds of words), book knowledge, appreciation of books, print awareness, pre-reading concepts, early writing and alphabet knowledge.
  • Mathematics: Number sense, geometry, spatial sense, patterns, measurements.
  • Science: Scientific observation skills, methods and knowledge.
  • Creative Arts: Music, art, movement and dramatic play.
  • Social and Emotional: Self-concept, self control, cooperation, social relationships, knowledge of families and communities.
  • Approaches to Learning: Initiative, curiosity, engagement, persistence, reasoning and problem solving.
  • Physical Health and Development: Fine and gross motor skills, health status and health practices.
  • Lushootseed language instruction is also provided in the classroom curriculum with support from Carmen Pastores-Joe”


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La Conner Elementary School

La Conner Elementary is a richly diverse K-5 school located along the Swinomish Channel in Skagit County. We hold high expectations for the forty staff and approximately 300 students in our building because we know that when we expect more we will get more. We want our children to learn in a safe, nurturing environment so that they are allowed to grow into knowledgeable and caring adults. La Conner School District has a strong commitment to small class sizes and high staff-to-student ratio. This year our class sizes are between sixteen and twenty-seven students per classroom with an average class size of 21 students. Additional assistance from paraprofessionals and volunteers allows our students the benefit of much individual and small group assistance to reinforce classroom instruction.

Our staff is exceptional! Communication and collaboration among staff, both at and across grade levels, enhances our ability to serve the individual needs of each student. In addition to the traditional academic offerings, we offer �pullout programs� in music, band, physical education/health, computers, and library skills taught by professionals in these fields. We are fortunate to have a large number of instructional assistants/paraprofessionals to aid the teachers in the classrooms.

La Conner Elementary proudly maintains other quality programs to benefit our children. Students are served in special education, Learning Assistance, and Title I as needed. Collaboration with the regular classroom teacher is not only encouraged, but is required. After school we offer an extended day skill-based enhancement program, Best Place program for K-3 students and have a Boys� and Girls’ Club on our campus.

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La Conner Middle School

“At La Conner Middle School we recognize that a great deal of effort over the years has been spent on identifying what our students need to know. This process has resulted in benchmarks, GLEs and the MSP. We also recognize that it is just important to focus efforts on how we teach. The staff at La Conner Middle School is actively involved in the school improvement process and professional development related to“how” we should teach. Our research tells us that students succeed at a much higher rate when we have common strategies for teaching reading and writing. Students are more successful when they have opportunities to collaborate and seek answers to essential questions. We also know that we must understand the traditions and cultures of our students in order to activate prior knowledge and engage students at a deeper level. It is our goal to facilitate students in becoming mathematicians, readers, authors, historians, and scientists. It is our goal to have every student prepared to take the high level high school courses which will allow the to enroll in college.”

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Welcome to La Conner High School!

“We are excited to have your family as a member of our community. Together we will do “whatever it takes” to increase your academic achievement as we have a great time this year. Our goal is that you will be successful and become an active member of our school. Have a great year and take advantage of all the opportunities that are open to you! Work hard and remember to be nice!”

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La Conner Real Estate Market

La Conner Real Estate Market Facts

Ever wonder what the La Conner real estate market is doing? Well today is your lucky day because I’m gonna give you facts on stats on facts or more stats!

I apologize for the bad dad joke…

Home Values

Alright so let’s talk about everybody’s favorite subject…PRICE! We all want to know what our home is worth. Right? Which is why if you want your own custom home valuation then you should sign up for one right here! Otherwise, I will tell you what’s going on in the La Conner Market as a whole.

As you can see, over the last 3 years, the market in La conner has stayed the same compared to the rest of the market which has skyrocketed.


But if you go back to January of 2006 (right before everybody’s favorite 2008 crash) you can see that the La Conner real estate market never really fully recovered. Things have of course leveled off. But unlike the rest of the market, La conner never fully caught up.

However, it should be noted, while the live feed you are seeing of the market doesn’t go back any further than 2006. In the years before, the La Conner Market was much lower than it is now. So compared to 20 years ago. La conner is doing well for itself.

Days On Market

Ok, so compared to the rest of Washington, La conner homes usually take about 6 or 7 weeks to sell, while the rest of the homes usually last about 2 weeks.


Current Inventory

Average Sales Price Per Square Foot


All in all, the La Conner real estate market is doing just fine. Of course, things aren’t quite as exciting as the rest of the State, but that’s okay! La Conner is a very beautiful and affordable place to live and if you were to ask me, I think the La Conner real estate market will keep going up.

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