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DIY staging tips that won’t break the bank

Tommy Mutchler

OK, so you don’t have a warehouse full of designer furniture, accessories and home décor items or a degree ...

Tips for House Hunting when Relocating to a New Area

Tommy Mutchler

  The best part of moving to a new town or city is the newness of the whole thing. Getting...

Your baby nursery is beyond cute — but is it safe?

Tommy Mutchler

  The reality that you’re bringing a new life into the world is never more evident than when the nurse....

My mortgage application was turned down. Now what?

Tommy Mutchler

  Sure, the results of an appraisal and the home inspection can stop a real estate deal dead in its...

Prevent home repairs by breaking these 5 bad habits

Tommy Mutchler

  “Deferred maintenance.” It’s a term that real estate professionals hear frequently. It describes ...

3 Reasons your Home isn’t Selling

Tommy Mutchler

  A home languishing on the real estate market is one of life’s more frustrating ordeals. Especially if...

5 Blogs for new homeowners

Tommy Mutchler

  Although homeowners have been DIYing home improvement projects for more than a century, the growing pop...

Is The Housing Market Going To Crash? (2018) 😱

Tommy Mutchler

Is The Housing Market Going To Crash? (2018) 😱 The real estate market is crashing! Except it’s not… Unl...

3 ways to wreck your home’s value

Tommy Mutchler

  As a homeowner you know that the best way to protect your home’s value is by maintaining it. And,...


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