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Getting ready to sell? Depersonalize and get rid of clutter first

  Think back to a time when you, or someone you know, sold or traded in a car. There was...

Need a home renovation without braking the bank? Here are Four easy-on-the-pocketbook...

  You don’t need to be a professional interior decorator to update your your home’s interior. With a ...

3 reasons to sell your home NOW!

  I have a friend in another state who wants to sell her home. And, whether a blessing or a...

5 Tips for the Best Home Showings

  OK, truth time: There’s nothing more disruptive to home life than to have your home on the market. Ch...

3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Moving Company

  Whether it’s a long-distance move or you’re relocating within the same city, finding the right move...

Selling your home? There’s a form (or 100) for that!

  Didn’t they tell us years ago that we’d be a “paperless society” in the near future? Somebody f...

The 3 Most Common Home Pricing Mistakes

  Have you ever lived in a neighborhood where one of the homes for sale seems to sit for an...

3 things that make homebuyers giddy

It’s a fact that how your home looks from the curb will either repel or compel buyers. So, once you’ve...

What happens after I sign the listing agreement?

  Have you ever noticed that information and advice for first-time homebuyers is plentiful across the int...


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What happens after I sign the listing agreement?
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