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Don’t make these 6 mistakes when applying for a mortgage

There’s a road you will head down when you first decide that it’s time to buy a home. Before taking...

Stop saving for the down payment and get help with it

  Despite having decent credit, a good job and the ability to pay for a home every month, the dream...

What is PMI and how do I avoid it or get rid of it?

  Private mortgage insurance, also known as PMI, is cursed by homebuyers when, without it, many of them w...

Tips on financing the luxury home

  The luxury home purchase process is different from buying a conventional or tract home. There’s more ...

Get Help With Your Down Payment

  It’s frustrating to have a decent-paying job, a bright earnings future and acceptable credit and stil...

“Real Heroes Don’t Wear Capes. They Wear Dog Tags”

  Sure, it’s a slogan on a t-shirt, and nobody has yet to take credit for it, but it sums...

How To Dispute Errors On Your Credit Report

  One of the biggest obstacles standing between you and that house or condo you want to buy may be...

What You Don’t Know About Adjustable Rate Mortgages May Cost You

  When shopping for a mortgage, have you noticed how much lower the rates are for a variable mortgage tha...

Lost your job? What to do about your mortgage

  It happens to the best of us – one day you’re gainfully employed and the next day you’re not....


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Lost your job? What to do about your mortgage
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