The Complete Guide on Virtual Reality House Hunting In 2018

So, you’ve decided to use virtual reality to hunt down your dream home. AWESOME! You’re ahead of the vast majority of buyers. Virtual Reality is a great way for home buyers to see a home without actually having to visit it.

Photos and video are incapable of giving you a proper feel and understanding of what a home truly looks and feels like. Virtual reality house hunting is the only way to truly experience what a home really looks and feels like without visiting it in person. 

Virtual Reality House Hunting
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In this guide on virtual reality house hunting I will show you to sign up to start receiving houses to view in virtual reality and of course how to view houses in virtual reality on your phone, tablet, and computer. 

Step 1: How To Sign Up For Virtual Reality Home Tours 

Virtual reality house hunting is a FREE service I provide to all my clients who are looking to purchase a home. While this service is free to my clients, there are two requirements that need to be met before I start sending you homes in virtual reality. This is because there are several upfront costs and I want to make sure I’m only working with people that are truly interested in buying a home.

  1. I require an in-person or over the phone meeting to go over the home buying process. It is my goal to make sure you are well educated and fully understand the home buying process. During this meeting, we will also discuss your family’s needs, timeline, and what it is you’re looking for in a house. It is my mission to give you the best help in finding and purchasing your new home, and getting to know you and your families goals is the best way for me to help. I’ll also need to get your home address so I can mail you your free pair of virtual reality goggles. 
  1. You’ll need to get pre-approved with a mortgage lender. You are, of course, more than welcome to work with whatever mortgage lender you feel most comfortable with, though we have a list of highly recommended lenders we can send your way upon request. 

Once we complete these steps, I’ll mail you your free pair of VR goggles and start sending you homes that best interest you. 

Step 2: How To Request A Virtual Reality Home Tour

By now your VR goggles are in the mail and will be at your door step within a couple of days. In the meantime, I’ll be emailing you new homes that best interest you on a regular basis. 

I’ll also provide you with a free account where you can see these homes in your property organizer by clicking here. You’ll also be able to search for homes and save your favorite. 


Once you find a few homes that you love, let me know which ones they are and I’ll personally go out and custom record your virtual reality video of any house you’re interested in. 

Once I’m done recording, I’ll email you a fresh link to the video for you to watch on your lunch break or after dinner on the couch with a glass of wine. 

Step 3: How To Watch The Virtual Reality Home Tours 

When it comes to virtual reality, VR goggles can be a lot of fun! But they’re not the only way to watch these virtual reality home tours. You can also watch them on your smart phone, tablet, and computer. But before we go into those other options, let’s first start with VR goggles.

Watch with Your VR Goggles:

By now, you should’ve received your VR goggles. You also need to use your smart phone to plug into your VR goggles. Most modern smart phones should work. If you find that your phone does not work for some reason, make sure your phone’s operating system is up to date. You’ll also need to make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the YouTube Mobile App. If you don’t already have the YouTube Mobile App on your phone, you can download it from your app store FREE or you can download it by clicking here.

First thing’s first, insert your phone into the VR goggles. The VR goggles that I sent you are a universal one size fits most phones. If you have a large phone like me (iPhone 6s PLUS) you’ll notice that the flaps that hold the phone may appear to be too small and you may have trouble inserting the phone into the goggles. The easiest way that I have found is to remove the phone case, and insert the phone from the side, like this: 

Pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

Once you’ve inserted your phone into the VR goggles, open up your email on your phone and click on the link that I sent you.

The link should immediately open the YouTube app and will automatically start playing the virtual reality home tour video. Before you close the goggles and start watching, make sure you click the little rectangular goggles in the bottom right corner of the screen.

This will turn your phone into virtual reality mode.

Once done, close the goggles and start watching!

How to Play, Pause, and Rewind:

So now you’re watching in VR, but wait! You want to pause and take a moment to look around, but your phone is stuck inside the goggles! Not to worry. The VR goggles I sent you have a built-in feature that lets you do just that. 

On the top you’ll see this button right here in the middle.

Let’s call this button the Master Button. If you push the Master Button, a menu will pop up in the virtual reality video.

You’ll notice a dot as well as several options such as pause, play, and the ability to drag the time bar of the video. Now, in order for you to select one of these options, you need to hover that dot over the feature of your choice.

Once the dot is hovering over that feature, push the Master Button (the button we pushed the first time to bring up the menu) again in order to select that feature. If you want the menu to go away, and no longer want to select any features, move the dot away from the menu, looking at nothing, and click the master button again.

Pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

How To Fix A Blurry Screen:

It’s more than likely that when you first insert your phone into the goggles to watch the video, it may appear blurry or as if you’re seeing double. Not to worry, these goggles can be adjusted to see everything clearly!

  1. Make sure you’re watching in VR. You can do this by opening the goggles and making sure your phone’s screen looks like this. 

If it doesn’t look like that and instead looks like a normal video like this:

Make sure you click the little rectangular goggles in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will turn on VR mode.

  1. Make sure the line in the middle of the goggles is lined up perfectly with the line in the center of the screen. 

  1. You can adjust the focus of the goggles both here:

and here: 

These tips should solve any problems you may encounter when watching in VR. If you’re still having trouble, please feel free to contact me.

Watch On Your Smart Phone

Watching on your smart phone is very similar to watching in VR. Make sure you have the latest version of the YouTube Mobile App installed and click the video link in the email I sent you. 

Right away the video will start playing and you can move your phone around to look around. 

Great way to watch a home tour on the go!

Watch On Your Tablet

Most tablets are basically just giant phones, so the experience is very similar, except it’s on a bigger screen. Just like watching on your smart phone, make sure you have the latest version of the YouTube Mobile App installed and click the video link in the email I sent you. 

Right away the YouTube App will open and the video will start playing. You can move your tablet around to look around. 

Watch On Your Computer

Last, but not least, watch on your computer. Now, just so we’re clear, this isn’t like watching a normal video. Obviously you’re not using virtual reality goggles so it’s not virtual reality, but It’s not a regular video either. We call it 360 video. 

When you open up your email and click the link I sent you, this will take you to your web browser where you can watch the 360 home tour. BUT WAIT! You have to make sure you’re viewing the video on the Chrome Web Browser. If you try a browser like safari, or explorer, the video will not load properly and will look distorted.

If you do not have Chrome downloaded, you can google the latest version, or you can click the download link here. 

Once you’re viewing the 360 video on the Chrome web browser, you’ll notice that you can use your mouse to drag the screen around. This is how you look at different angles. Great way to see the whole home without VR goggles. 

Lastly, make sure you’re set to 4k so you can see this video in the highest resolution. If your internet is too slow for this, then leave it on auto. 

Step 4: Go See The Home In Person

Once we’ve found a few homes you LOVE, we’ll schedule an appointment to go see the homes in person. Of course, if you wish to buy sight unseen, you can do that. But I always recommend seeing the home in person before you buy.

Step 5: Make The Offer 

You should know pretty quickly which home you absolutely love and wish to buy. Once you decide, I’ll open up negotiations with the sellers and work my absolute hardest to get you the best deal possible!

To learn more about this process please contact me OR read my home buyers guide.

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About the author: The Complete Guide on Virtual Reality House Hunting In 2018 was written by Tommy Mutchler, an authority in Bellingham real estate and the leading expert in using virtual reality for real estate. 

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